Monday, May 11, 2015

Taking Care of Your New Pygmy Marmoset

When looking around for a new pet to spend your leisure time with, a pygmy marmoset can be one of the more highly recommended options. As one of the smaller animals around, they weigh no more than 100 grams and grow up to six inches at the most. 

For first-time owners, duly-regulated vendors also include the right kind of accessories and cages to accommodate the monkey’s needs in a domestic environment. 

If tending an adult pygmy marmoset entails specific requirements, more attention is involved in raising baby marmosets to simulate the commitment and devotion their natural parents would normally provide. Experts highly discourage replacing prolonged personal contact with stuffed animals or any type of heating pad, saying these “surrogates” may only be used in brief periods. An indicator of a healthy baby is when the tail is tightly curled the same way it would be in the wild, while a limp and straightened tail may suggest distress. 

To legally purchase a pygmy marmoset for sale, it’s crucial for the breeder to have a USDA license with appropriate Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service-documented inspections. Local animal-control officers may examine your place to see if you are equipped enough to breed or care for any exotic animals.

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