Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dealing with Marmosets’ Behavior

A pygmy marmoset monkey’s diminutive size and innocent appearance may tend to make you smile and warm up to them with a simple “Aww…” If you do lean towards buying pygmy marmoset monkeys for sale, however, your preferred animal seller will have to thoroughly educate you on their behavior.

For them to live a long and healthy life, you must provide marmosets with enough daily nutrition in the form of canned marmoset food, primate biscuits and raw fruits and vegetables. Similar to other domestic pets, these exotic primates also enjoy moderate amounts of sweets (marshmallows and cakes) and cooked food (chicken and pasta). These, however, must be supplemented with prescribed amounts of chewable vitamin C daily.

Having child-like preferences, marmosets sleep better in a snug and secure box-like structure filled with stuffed toys, blankets and towels situated a few feet from the floor. Being active animals, they require cages large enough for them to jump around and play in all day. You could also let them run free as long as you marmoset-proof your house beforehand and keep your pet under constant watch.

Remember: baby marmosets need more attention than adults because you are obliged to give them constant physical contact. It is highly advisable to avoid using stuffed animals as replacements because baby marmosets need the same warmth and affection from their owners that their parents would give them in the wild.

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