Saturday, February 28, 2015

Going for a Pygmy Marmoset

It is common for some people to care for at least one pet in their household. Although domestic animals like cats, dogs, and birds are the most frequent choices for pets, some like to keep things interesting by taking care of exotic animals. If you’re looking for your very own exotic pet, perhaps you should try buying a pygmy marmoset for sale.

Must-Know Facts

The pygmy marmoset is the smallest living monkey in the world at roughly six inches, and weigh an average of four ounces. It thrives and is native to the tropical and lowland forests of Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, and Brazil. In terms of appearance, they normally have a thick layer of fur with a brownish-gold or grayish color. Like most of their kin, pygmy marmosets walk on four limbs.

Thoughts to Ponder On

Before you purchase a finger monkey, consider how much it would cost you, whether or not your house has the appropriate environment for it, and whether or not you can provide the nutrition it needs. A finger monkey’s diet consists of both plants and animals like fruits, leaves, nectar, and small invertebrate animals.


Although pygmy marmosets are not considered endangered species or being under any kind of threat, they are still wild animals. Therefore, there might be laws in some states that would prohibit you from owning a finger monkey. In states where owning a primate is allowed, you would need to obtain a permit from the Department of Agriculture first.

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