Saturday, January 3, 2015

Monkeys Encourage Kids to Share in Pet Care

When picking a pet, you should pick carefully since you’ll want pets that your kids can help take care of. The playfulness and energy of marmosets, for instance, complement that of super-active kids. The option of baby monkeys, though, will entail more responsibilities and care, which is why it’s ideal for them to encourage your kids to do their share. Here are tips to get them started:

Lead by example
The little ones won’t know right away how to care for the pets, and it’s important for parents to lead by example. Mom and dad can dedicate a weekend to take the pet home, so they have plenty of time to show the kids how to care for it.

List down the chores
Ideally, pet monkeys are kept in a secure enclosure, which would require cleaning at least once a day. These furry ones also need to be fed on schedule and according to their needs (typically milk and yogurt for baby marmosets). All these tasks should be written down and posted on a wall where kids can easily see them.

Give compliments when they do a good job

The kids will also surely welcome some words of praises from their parents. For instance, if the children feed the pet right on schedule, parents should acknowledge this and reward them for it. In the same way, if the little ones reneged on their duties, parents should be strict and express their disappointment.

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