Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Having Monkeys as Furry Trained Helpers

Choosing the kind of monkey to take home as a pet and helper is easier said than done. Unlike cats and dogs that you don’t normally need to train to help you out with household activities, monkeys are exotic animals that may not behave the way you expect them to. Here are some ideas related to keeping and training pet monkeys.

While their endless antics and human-like characteristics may have enticed many to welcome monkeys as pets, it seems that they have more to offer than just entertainment value. They can be trained to assist disabled people and make the latter’s lives easier.

For quadriplegics, this offers an option that gives them a higher level of independence than having to rely on relatives and caregivers 24/7. Also, animal companions have been shown to lower stress levels and elevate moods, an important benefit for disabled people who may be having trouble coming to terms with their situation.

Since these benefits are attractive, it can be easy to fall for the convenience of getting monkeys from illegal sellers. Those who are interested in getting a monkey should only purchase from experienced and certified breeders, who remain committed to taming and socializing their animals.

In addition, untrained baby monkeys are usually not ready yet to join human households, so those who want monkeys as pets or as assistants should carefully choose ones who have already been sufficiently trained and acclimatized to interact with people in various contexts.

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