Monday, November 24, 2014

Another Plus to Getting Monkeys for Sale: Having Furry Trained Helpers

While these benefits may be attractive, it can be easy to fall for the convenience of getting monkeys from illegal sellers. Those who are interested in opening their homes to these special mammals should only purchase monkeys for sale from experienced and certified breeders such as Poggi’s Animal House, which remains committed to taming and socializing their animals, making them suitable pets for responsible owners. In addition, untrained baby monkeys are usually not ready yet to join human households, so those who want monkeys as pets or as assistants should carefully choose ones who have already been sufficiently trained and acclimatized to interact with people in various contexts.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Before You Purchase a Pygmy Marmoset for Sale, Make Sure It’s Legal

Who can resist the large soulful eyes and endearing expression of that monkey in the window? Primates have always been on civilized man’s list of exotic pets. When it comes to popularity, the one that stands out is the marmoset, which is one of the smallest monkeys on the planet. Before acquiring a pygmy marmoset for sale, eHow lists the legal pre-requisites which need to be fulfilled. Check with your local animal-control authority to see whether you need to obtain an exotic pet permit when you legally own a marmoset. While ownership of marmosets is usually allowed in most jurisdictions, an inspection from an animal-control officer may be required to determine that you have created a satisfactory habitat for the animal.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Marmoset Monkeys for Sale: Keep Them Busy with Enrichment Activities

If you are interested in pet monkeys for sale, you must be familiar with the training and other activities they need to thrive, including learning new tricks. As part of the captive animal’s enrichment, these stimulating activities promote the primate’s physical and psychological health. Foraging, Play, and Social Enrichment The enrichment that common marmosets and other similar species need include activities for finding food (foraging), play, and socializing. Simulate their natural habitat through foraging items like grass, rocks, wood chips, and live insects, and use toddler toys or household items to hide treats. House them with fellow marmosets to encourage natural social behavior and ensure their overall well-being.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Legal Aspect of Buying a Pygmy Marmoset

Although dogs are irreplaceable pets, you can add a marmoset to the list of animals you can take home for the holidays. This small species of monkey is just as adorable and loving as other pets but will give you an entirely different pet-caring experience. Before acquiring a pygmy marmoset, it’s crucial to understand the legal process to avoid violating animal ownership laws.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Buying a Pygmy Marmoset for Sale: How to Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Purchase from a certified breeder It’s recommended to buy a marmoset monkey for sale from a breeder certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) like Poggi's Animal House. Doing so not only guarantees that buyers have the necessary papers for owning a pocket monkey, but it also assures that the little one is well taken care of when it’s separated from its mother. Baby pygmy marmosets can get depressed and sick when they are taken away from their mothers, so it’s important they are weaned properly to ensure their health. Check with local authorities about pocket monkey ownership Some states require special permits and licenses before people can keep pygmy marmosets for sale, while others don’t. Aspiring owners should first check state policies before making any purchase.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Facts about Cotton Top Tamarins

Primates are gradually gaining popularity as pets nowadays, with species ranging from bigger ones like orangutans and chimpanzees finding their way into several people’s homes. However, people not keen on keeping primates almost their size can rest easier with smaller ones, and one such animal is the equally lovable cotton-top tamarin.