Friday, October 17, 2014

Facts about Pygmy Marmosets

When it comes to “exotic” pets, we often think of animals that most people wouldn’t even like to meet face-to-face—snakes, tarantulas, or even full-grown lions. However, there is one kind of exotic pet that’s gradually making its way up the ladder: pygmy marmosets.
Pygmy marmosets are a species of monkeys found in South America, mainly Brazil, Columbia, and Ecuador. Also called mono de bolsillo (Spanish for “pocket monkey”), pygmy marmosets are fast gaining recognition as pets throughout the world. Here are a few interesting facts about them.
They can literally fit in your palm – Pygmy marmosets are incredibly tiny primates, which can grow as small as 4.75 inches in length and max out at merely 6. With their minuscule size, they weigh less than 5 ounces, sometimes as light as 3.53 ounces.
They got serious hops – If pygmy marmosets were as big as humans, they’d seem to fly straight up into the sky whenever they jump. Their small bodies pack powerful legs for their size, enabling them to jump as high as 16 feet into the air.
They can turn their head 180 degrees – Pygmy marmosets have neck bones that turn completely backward a full 180 degrees, much like owls.
They giving birth to twins – Female pygmy marmosets almost always give birth to twins, which are nurtured by a family of about 2-6 individuals.

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