Friday, August 29, 2014

Preparing for Your Pet Finger Monkey

Pygmy marmosets or finger monkeys are one of the most common pet monkeys for sale. Of course, getting an exotic animal like the finger monkey as a pet is not as easy as acquiring a dog. It needs extra effort and ample preparation.

However, the relationship between an adorable finger monkey and his owner is simply unmatched. They are very affectionate creatures that become very attached to their owners. Here are some tips to prepare you for your new friend:

·         Be fully committed – their nature as affectionate primates require you to be the same for them. This includes giving them adequate time, attention, patience, and love.

·         Make it legal – ensure that the city or state you reside in allows monkeys as pets. See to it that you purchase your finger monkey from a certified or licensed dealer.

·         Get in touch with a veterinarian for exotic animals – this is important in case your finger monkey gets sick. You’ll need to work hand in hand with a knowledgeable veterinarian to maintain the health of your new pal.

·        Provide a monkey-friendly environment – be certain that your pet’s surroundings will make him/her feel at home, and encourages activities like climbing and jumping. Give them enough space to play around. Make sure that there aren’t any hazards or toxic substances near your pet’s play area.

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