Monday, June 30, 2014

What You Need to Know Before Having a Pet Marmoset

Marmosets are downright adorable. These cute little primates—small monkeys that belong to the biological family Callitrichidae—are natives to South America, but are easily found in various parts of the world. Though they’re basically wild animals, marmosets as pets are becoming increasingly common. If you’ve been longing to have a primate as a pet but don’t want to deal with a large-sized pet, delightful little marmosets might be the ideal companion creature for you.

Here are the things you need to know before you take one in as a pet:

  • Confirm with your local authorities that marmosets are allowed as pets in your jurisdiction or if you need to acquire a special ownership license for them.

  • Before purchase, make sure that the seller has an authentic license from the Department of Agriculture to sell primates. Many unscrupulous pet stores sell pygmy marmoset monkeys for sale without the proper documentation, so beware of them.

  • Locate a vet near you that can treat your pet marmoset. In case your community doesn’t have one, get in touch with local animal authorities to get some recommendations.

  • As with any type of pet, marmosets become aggressive once they are sexually mature. Provide your pet with utmost training and always maintain your dominance over him.

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