Monday, June 2, 2014

Tips before Getting a Pet Monkey, Part I

While pet monkeys are cute, cuddly, and fun, they’re also quite the curious creatures at times. Such an inquisitive trait can lead them right into trouble if they’re not looked after properly. This two-part series talks about the most important factors to consider before choosing a primate companion.
Understanding Needs
People should never forget that while they’re practically tame at youth, monkeys are still energetic animals with instincts influenced by the wild. Depriving them of their natural needs, such as socialization and play, can make them either aggressive or utterly depressed. The monkey’s size itself doesn’t matter – they will require immense patience and constant attention.
Owner Commitment
Unlike dogs or cats, monkeys live relatively long – up to 40 years, at most. As time goes by, a lot of potential problems can arise with your pet monkey, and you have to be prepared for them. For instance, when your pet gets sick, you may have a hard time looking for a veterinarian who treats monkeys, so it would be wise to get to know a good vet as soon as you take home your new pet.
Where to Get a Monkey
Buying a pet monkey requires considerable research. Numerous websites on exotic pets, especially those that sell monkeys, are good places to start. Once a prospect is found, you first have to look for pertinent certification to prove a breeder or dealer’s reliability.

Stay tuned for the second and final part of the series. 

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