Monday, June 30, 2014

Factors to Consider before Buying Marmosets

If you’re looking to get an exotic pet to take care of, you just might love having a little marmoset monkey. These cute creatures are so tiny, they look just about as big as your thumb. Before you go buy one though, quiz yourself on the following:


Factor in the costs that you’ll be incurring should you buy a marmoset, such as food and sanitation materials. Look for a reliable pet store and ask about pricing. After all, if you are going to adopt a pet, even a little teeny-weeny finger monkey, you might as well give it a decent and comfortable home.

Care Needs

Marmoset monkeys are very needy, and they will constantly ask for your presence and emotional support, so be sure that you can adapt well to these. Neglected monkeys tend to grow up aggressive or depressed. Either way, you’ll have to make sure you can afford the time and attention to care for it, so it would be best to treat it well while still young.

Diet Needs

Unlike most conventional pets, these critters can easily get bored with the food you give them, so you should feed them on a rotating schedule. Their diet should include nutritious food like fruits and vegetables, fish, cereal, and eggs, among others. You can also give them small insects about twice a week as a treat.

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